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Are you overwhelmed with debt? Getting hounded by creditors?  Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be a way out.  Our consultation is free and our fees reasonable: 

$999 for a no-asset Chapter 7 (plus court fee).  

We will review your financial situation in detail and discuss the benefits that bankruptcy can provide.  You may be able to discharge credit card debt, medical bills and court judgments, and stop wage garnishment, while getting a fresh start.

We work with clients throughout the bankruptcy process, from petition preparation, to the meeting of creditors, to the final discharge.  We advise clients on the real-world ramifications of filing bankruptcy and any legal issues that may arise during the case.  We strive for a smooth and painless process from filing to discharge.   

Foreclosure Defense

Do you want to reduce your mortgage payments and keep your home?  If you are behind on your payments, many options are available, including mediation, modification, forbearance, as well as bankruptcy.   We review your situation in detail and discuss all options.

You may be able to reduce your payments through negotiation or mediation.  Or you may have a legal issue that’s worthy of contesting.  We offer all areas of mediation and litigation support, including contested filings, motion practice and appeals of novel issues.